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In the meantime, if you want to know about the 2019 Love Local Fleurieu Membership read here.

If you want to secure a Membership, click on the appropriate level sign-up payment link, and shoot me an email to claire@projectworklife.com clarifying which membership level and payment plan option you would like.

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Feel a rich sense of connection, support and inspiration from a tribe of open-hearted women, who want to see you expand & grow. Create unique opportunities for collaboration and tap into the resources and skills that are within and around you. Develop rich and rewarding relationships that will hold you, hear you, love you and help you to grow and evolve throughout the year. Come with me, and a community of heart-driven, courageous women as we make possibilities, realities.

*See Calendar of Events for all 2019 dates

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*See Sister Referral opportunity

Here’s what’s on offer:

Membership Launch Party:

Kick the year off with a member only party #wearefleurieuwomen

2019 LLF Quarterly Events:

All four LLF events locked-in. These quarterly events are selling out, membership will ensure you can attend.

2019 LLF Membership Card:

Get amazing discounts with some of your local faves. Make the most of these opportunities & you’ll pay for your membership with these savings alone.

The Shoot:

Capture your essence with some fresh professional photos. Walk away with a portrait portfolio for use to update your website, marketing collateral and social profiles.


Morning coffee, conversation and heart-driven business building. Bursts of insight and inspo to help rise the tide, including powerful guest presenters to give you actionable advice, resources and strategies to help refine the business bits.

Super School:

You’ll want these super-powers to help you show up in every area of your life, the way you really want to, as a woman, as a mother, as a partner, as a business woman – it’s all interconnected.

The Sisterhood Online Community:

Stay connected through this member-driven online community. 2019 LLF Family Picnic: An end of year celebration and chance to bring your partners and kids to experience the Love Local love.

Heart Based Business Planning Day:

1 full day of heart based planning with a group of tribe-sisters. Get to the heart of what it is you want to create in 2019, clarify and share your vision and get into heart-driven action. Then take part in a powerful regroup each month.

Dedicated Tribe Facebook Group:

This platform will give you a dedicated space in which to connect, support, share and grow with your Sister Regroup tribe.

Sister Regroup Days:

Regroup with your tribe and me every month for the remainder of the year. Together we will become your own personal community, sounding board and deep-caring support system. Travel through the year with the same 10 LLF sisters who want to see you grow and refine. This in-real-life stuff is so damn powerful… and a little magic.

Come back in each month for your check-in, your chance to regroup, realign and refine. Put your truth on the table, get feedback, ideas, inspiration, strategy, a kick up the bum if needed, a deep sense of sisterhood support and true accountability.

Set fresh & powerful intentions, then head out and get into heart-driven inspired action. Choosing to be part of the Sister Regroup Days, you are making a commitment to show up for yourself and your sisters and give energy to keeping your business + life vision on track, moving forward, aligned with your heart.

Accountability Sister:

We’ll pair you with a someone from your tribe early on, so you can lean into the extra sister-support.

1:1 Mentoring sessions:

Get access to working 1:1 with Claire Byrt of Project Work Life, to super power your sense of heart aligned clarity, intention, strategy, planning and accountability. *Platinum Members get 3 x 1:1 sessions throughout the year included in membership.

2019 Sister Retreat:

A next level sister weekend. Time for connection to sisters and self and doing what we do best; sharing, learning, tapping into our collective energy and wisdom and supporting one another to expand. The only way to guarantee a spot on the retreat is to secure a Platinum membership. Gold members get next priority invite. *Additional costs apply.

The Masterclass Days:

A multi-day deep dive into money, mindset and marketing, to help you truly value, honour and share who you are and what you are putting out into the world.

Profile Opportunity:

The women to secure a Platinum Membership will get this interview and social promo opportunity with me.

Sister Collaboration Sessions:

Priority access and sister only deals to be a part of handpicked sister workshops / circles with leading Fleurieu women, that will help you see what is real, connect with your truth and take you to a higher space of doing business + life:

‘A Course In Miracles’ Study group with Leonie Hick.

Sacred Sister Circles

+ sister access to 4-12 week divine frequency transformations with Kate Gardner.

Sister Breathing Space Workshops

+ sister access to working with Shawna Barber as your spiritual mentor, starting with a 1:1 spiritual mentoring session.

Parenting & your Inner Child Circles with Emma Holdsworth of Tree House Family Counselling.


To read the finer detail about what's on offer in 2019 + see payment options - be sure to read this, and hit me up with an email to secure your spot at claire@projectworklife.com



    Project Work life is about creating a heart-driven life you love, aligned with what matters most to you. It is about taking a holistic approach to designing life and realising dreams by taking consistent, purposeful heart-driven action. It’s about creating the systems, framework and community to support you. Whether it be in business or in life we get really purposeful and acknowledge the interconnectedness in everything, not just chase that elusive thing called balance as we seek to grow and expand our experiences and opportunities. By connecting with your heart, gaining clarity in your vision, putting pen to paper, sharing your truth and taking action aligned with your values you can transform the way you approach each day to create something quite magic; that is sustainable, works for you and most importantly is aligned with what is essential to you. We get just one chance at this precious life, so together we will create meaningful intentions and experiences to help you get closer to where you really want to be, one inspired action at a time. At Project Work Life we are wholeheartedly passionate about IN-REAL-LIFE experiences; taking time to step away from the busyness of all that you have going on in your world, to get face to face with yourself and other beautiful people who want to support you. We believe in the power of community and in the power of the regroup. Regrouping is the linchpin to creating and sustaining a heart driven life that feels right for you. Each time you come back ‘in’ to connect with yourself or with your community you clarify and fortify. By asking yourself powerful questions, sharing your truth and taking ownership of where you are and where you want to be, you make more progress and generate momentum aligned with what matters most to you. We’d love to help you get closer to the life you really want, feel connected to a loving and talented heart-driven community, and give you that peace of mind knowing you are on track, supported and keeping your eyes on your life and business. Join us at any upcoming events or apply to work together one on one. You can check out all the options below in our “services”.  

Services & Events

In order to help you grow your business, our carefully selected experts can advise you in in the following areas:

Take the time to design your business and life with your heart in mind.

Connecting, supporting, inspiring and celebrating Fleurieu women and loving all things local.

Creating space to get to the heart of what is essential for you.

Your monthly check-in and realignment with what matters most.

Supporting, inspiring and educating the Young Hearts in our community.

A collaboration between Project Work Life and The City of Onkaparinga.


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