Love Local Fleurieu

Leading Fleurieu women to create change they believe in, grow business and stay connected to what matters most.

Whether you identify as ‘in business’, a creative, or approaching life on purpose these events and ever-growing community of heart-driven women is for you.

This is no ordinary community of women.

These are no ordinary events.


Together we are connecting, supporting, inspiring and celebrating Fleurieu women and loving all things local.  LLF is an initiative that brings Fleurieu women together to have open-hearted conversations, share ideas and experiences, create opportunity and build community. At these deeply loved quarterly events, aligned with the start of each season we invite a local woman in business to open her heart and share her story, what she stands for in business an life, what has made her the woman she is today, and what insights she wants to share with the women of LLF. And of course we share wine + cheese + open hearted connection + conversation on a Friday afternoon with awesome humans.


>> Friday 7th September 2018 SPRING LLF at Oliver’s Taranga Vineyards with Liz Lane of Liz Lane Studio as our leading lady. [Book your LOVE LOCAL FLEURIEU ticket here.]


Next level wisdom to be learned here. It’s night school designed to level up your super-powers that will help you to approach your business and life with purpose, clarity, insight, ability to create change and deep inner strength. We’re tapping into some of the super-powers I have discovered within our community of Fleurieu women. These women are going to share with you, back-to-school style, with plenty of time for questions and conversations. You’ll want these super-powers to help you show up the way you really want to, as a woman, as a mother, as a partner, as a business woman – it’s all interconnected.

Next SUPER SCHOOL event:

>> Monday 27th August 2018 6pm-8pm with Leonie Hick of All About Health: Free yourself from self-judgement, fear, guilt ans shame. Return to high energy with peace, trust, courage and the freedom to be your best. [Tickets available here soon.]


Morning coffee, conversation + business building. Guest presenters offering bursts of insight, inspo, actionable advice, resources and strategies to help rise the tide. 

Next RISE event:

>> Tuesday 28th August 2018 10.30am to 12.30pm with Sally Badnall of SweetShute. [Tickets available soon.] 

There is so much love, support, sister-wisdom, accountability and growth on offer. Feel a rich sense of connection, support and inspiration from a tribe of open-hearted women, who want to see you expand and grow in business and in life.


See & download a full calendar here: 2018 Love Local Fleurieu Calendar of events


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