The Essential Regroup

The Essential Regroup is a powerful combination of yoga + heart based planning that will help you to slow down, open your heart, create space for internal clarity and get you on track ready to take empowered purposeful action.

We will help you get to the heart of what is essential for you and have your plan and priorities for the next three months handled, so you know exactly what to focus your precious time and energy on.

Specifically designed to help you go from feeling overwhelmed, exhausted, mind, heart and body racing a million miles an hour to centred, focused, refreshed and confident.
The Essential Regroup is open to men and women who want to review and regroup on their life, define a new sustainable measure of success and determine focus and direction.

Get to the heart of what is essential for you. Do less, achieve more aligned with what you value, honour yourself… and come back in to regroup each quarter.